Moody Oregon Engagement Photos

January 15, 2021

I love the soft quality of light in these moody Oregon engagement photos. This session was taken at a simple park in Eugene. Eugene holds a special place in my heart, as the first place I moved in my 20’s out west, and away from my hometown in Texas that quite frankly, NEVER felt like home. I pursued my MFA in sculpture, learned to climb, built lifelong friendships, and explored the beautiful state.

I moved from Oregon to California in 2020, but I still love to spend time in the Pacific Northwest as often as possible. When planning photos in Oregon, here are some things to consider:

Best Locations

The Coast

The entire west coast is magnificent and moody and dramatic. Many iconic movies have been filmed, like the Goonies in Astoria, Oregon or Twin Peaks in Snoqualmie, Washington. So many of these places feel like movie sets, for that reason. If I had to choose a spot on the coast for an elopement or engagement, I would choose the Oregon coast because the beaches are so dramatic, but quiet and uncrowded. They feel wild in a way that California beaches can never compete with.

The Willamette Valley & Cascades

This area is the most Pacific Northwest vibe of all the state. It’s like walking through the Lord of the Rings, from mountain-scapes to fairytale forests, waterfalls, moss covered trees, and fern carpets.

Eastern Oregon

Some people are surprised to learn that 3/4 of Oregon is desert. Like, the juniper tree, sagebrush type of desert. Iconic locations like The Painted Hills and Smith Rock State Park, and also the Wallowa Mountains that border Idaho, are stunning locations that make for quiet, and stunning photography locations. ho


Weather is simply unpredictable in the Pacific Northwest. However, if you’re going for moody Oregon engagement photos, we will embrace ALL kinds of weather. Summer months are ideal for the Cascades, but the Coast and Eastern Oregon are all beautiful in winter and shoulder seasons.

oregon engagement portrait photography
oregon engagement portrait photography
oregon engagement portrait photography