Recommended Wedding Vendors in Mammoth Lakes

April 18, 2022

This is a work in progress, and I am always editing to add or remove vendors! These recommended wedding vendors in mammoth lakes are either people whom I have personally worked with, or whom I have confirmed through the community that they are professional, timely, kind business owners. If there is no description below the link, it means they come recommended, but I personally do not have experience with them. I have done my best to confirm that all of these vendors share my values for inclusivity to all people and all communities.

I am also adding descriptions to each vendor as I work with them. Here’s the thing: Mammoth Lakes is a small rural town and we do not have many truly local vendors! Often you will need to hire people from Tahoe, Reno, and other parts of California.

Some people rush to secure their venue and photographer asap (to be fair, we do book up the fastest!), but then forget to find other vendors that they are stoked about. Maybe you don’t care that much about flowers or food, so that’s fine. But what if a DJ can make or break the entire vibe of your wedding?


What to look for:

I couldn’t start this list without the obvious – how do you choose a photographer? There are many of us in the area. I think it’s best that you:

  1. Look at each photographers portfolio and see what resonates with you. We all have a different style / aesthetic.
  2. View a FULL client gallery so you know what you can expect
  3. Meet your photographer in person or virtually to see how you connect. Your photographer will spend the entire day with you!


What to look for:

The Venue is often a couple’s first decision. Location is so important! Do you want to be outdoors or inside? What are the weather concerns, and which venues are going to best accommodate your guest list?

This mountain resort is tucked away in Aspendell, just 20 minutes from Bishop. Surrounded by Aspens, mountain views, and one of the coziest resorts I’ve ever seen! Perfect if you want to have your family stay for the weekend. The cabins book up FAST.

A mountain resort near June Lake. Surrounded by piney woods, mountain views, Horsetail Falls, and more. Another perfect spot with cabins if you want to have your family stay for the weekend. The resort has a spa and workout room.

I haven’t worked at this venue, but I have photographed 20+ times at Convict Lake. It is absolutely one of the most stunning views in the Eastern Sierra and perfect for an all inclusive wedding!

Mammoth Mountain hosts several venues. My favorites are Forest Chapel at Twin Lakes, Sierra Starr, and the top of the mountain! Mammoth Mountain has all sorts of options to accommodate ceremony and reception, and indoor spots for back up.

Planning + Rentals

What to look for:

A planner is next in the list of recommended wedding vendors in Mammoth Lakes. While I believe every couple should do what they want, a planner is NOT something I suggest you have a friend take over. Planning is STRESSFUL, and you want your friends to have fun. Most importantly, you do not want to be your own wedding planner. I promise, you won’t regret spending money on this one.

Green Fox is one of the most popular and well-reputed planners in the area. I highly recommend their services.

Arlene at House of Rummage is a DIY vibe wedding planner and decorator, and does some of the most unique decor I’ve ever seen! I truly love her work!!

I have not worked with Addy Rose, but I have heard great things.


What to look for:

Florals are very subjective decision, completely dependent on personal aesthetics. My only suggestion is to look for a florist who is local and uses sustainable practices.

Red Lily often works with House of Rummage, and does absolutely stunning work!

Jackie at Alpenglow Gardens is local to Bishop and has her own flower farm. Her work is beautiful and is as local as it gets!

Bad Dog Farms is local to the Eastern Sierra and does beautiful work too.

Hair / Makeup

What to look for:

HMU artists all have different methods and aesthetics. I would look at their portfolio, and have a conversation about the vibe you’re going for. Do you want glue-on eyelashes, or a more natural look? Be honest about your goals!

Shelly Gribben is based out of Bishop and she’s so good at putting together your wedding day look!


What to look for:

One vendor people often don’t think about is the Officiant. If you have a friend or a favorite uncle — then you are all set. I actually do believe this is a role that a friend can enjoy and a personal connection can be amazing for your ceremony.

If you want to hire an officiant, however, I think this is an incredibly important decision. You are saying vows to your person, and the last thing you want is a super impersonal officiant who does not know you two.

Jessica is an amazing officiant who offers a unique process of working with couples. As an ordained rabbi, her packages come with pre wedding coaching meetings. If you’re looking for a next-level officiant, she’s your gal!


What to look for:

I personally think food is less vital to the “success” of a wedding day, but obviously you want to enjoy your food and for your guests to be happy. I would reach out to caterers and chat about your vision, and ask for a sample tasting menu.

Daniel Molnar at Mammoth Private Chef is a popular choice for catering.

Cake / Dessert

What to look for:

Similar to the caterer, I don’t think a cake is going to make or break your wedding day. But both of these are excellent choices in the area and will make treats that are exceptional and tasty.

Stephanie makes some of the most unique, fun, and tasty desserts I have ever tried. Her Macaroons are out of this world!

Dessert’d makes amazing treats!

DJ / Bands

What to look for:

A good DJ is essential, and I believe a DJ can make or break the entire vibe of your reception. Do you your guests to sit around chatting or go bold on the dance floor? These are very different choices. Some DJ’s stick to traditional wedding songs, while others are super creative and and can put together whatever atmosphere you’re going for. I think a good DJ is someone who 1) takes your song request seriously, and 2) is skilled at reading the room all night long and can pivot with the crowd’s energy.

Other things to consider is whether you need a DJ for your ceremony + reception, or just one or the other.

Channa is an exceptional DJ, with a diverse set of music and an ability to play anything from EDM to pop to all those traditional favs at weddings.

Rich knows how to read the crowd and keep the vibe you’re going for ALL night long. He excels at doubling as an MC (Master of Ceremonies).


What to look for:

Just like choosing a photographer, you’ll want to view their portfolio and make sure you get along personally with the artist. There are no fully established wedding videographers in the eastern sierra. But here are two extremely talented videographers who specialize in cinematic / story-telling footage, and are stoked to document more weddings. Reach to either of them for their portfolios.