Double Eagle Resort Wedding in June Lake

June 3, 2022

If you are planning a Double Eagle Resort wedding, keep reading! It is one of the most stunning wedding venues in the Eastern Sierra. June lake is a stunning destination all year long, but is ideal for weddings during the summer.

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Best Season for a Double Eagle Resort Wedding

The Double Eagle Resort is ideal during summer months. At 7,200 feet and located in the mountains, it is covered in snow all winter long and becomes a ski destination. During summer, June Lake tends to be quite hot during the day, but quickly cools down as the sun sets.

What makes Double Eagle Special?

This venue feels so intimate and cozy, and is nestled so close to the mountains. It is not part of Mammoth Mountain, and therefore feels a bit more low key. The wedding coordinator is amazing and super helpful in planning your wedding day.

It is easy to find things to do before and after the wedding with your family. Consider going on hikes or paddle-boarding on June Lake or Silver lake!


Venue: Double Eagle Resort
HMU: Shelly Gribben @cosmoshelly in Bishop
Florals: Leah’s Perfect Rose in Gardnerville
Desert: Dessert’d in Mammoth Lakes