Maternity Photos at the Owens River | California

June 15, 2023

While I most often work with wedding couples, maternity photos are some of my favorite sessions. There’s a special spark and joy and the energy is palpable. We shot these maternity photos along the Owens River in California, during January.

During spring, summer, and fall I tend to photograph in the mountains or near Mammoth Lakes for the higher elevation and cooler temps. During the winter months, Mammoth Lakes is unpredictable. While I’ve shot some amazing wintery spots like this Mammoth Mountain Surprise Proposal, and this Convict Lake Surprise Proposal , I prefer the warmer, golden vibe of Bishop throughout winter. Even if we book something in Mammoth, I will always have a Bishop spot as plan B for those whiteout conditions that hit on occasion.

Depending on the time of year, the area can be green or brown, and the mountains will have more or less snow like seen in the following image.

The Owens River is simply magical. The snakelike way that it winds through the valley is stunning! As you walk along the river, the meadow vibe is perfect for texture and color, and the snowy sierra backdrop is beautiful. Read more about the Owens River here:

I’m so stoked about these maternity photos at the Owens River in California!