Family Photos in Yellow Aspens | Rock Creek

June 20, 2023

Every fall, couples and families flock to the eastern sierra to explore the bright yellow foliage, and enjoy the mountains in cooler weather. This session of family photos in yellow aspens is one of my favorites. Do you want to do the same? Here’s what I suggest.

Plan to visit Mammoth Lakes during October

The best fall foliage usually hits in those 2 middle weeks, but it can vary greatly by year. Keep tabs on the status by following these blogs:

Bishop Fall Colors

Fall Colors in Mono County

California Fall Color

Also, read this blog post I wrote about the best locations to see fall foliage: 4 Best Fall Color Locations

My top tips for a relaxed / fun / casual family photo session

Family sessions always take a bit of planning. No doubt, they can be quite stressful. But they don’t have to!

  1. Try to plan the logistics ahead of time. Pick the day, the outfits, and the schedule for the day so that you don’t have to stress about it the day of. Maybe make sure to have a small meal and/or nap time an hour before so that you have the best chance of avoiding hanger.
  2. Once the big picture stuff has been planned, try not to take the session too seriously. Getting that “one perfect shot” is not the point, at least not in my sessions. The point is to capture your family together, which includes the less-posed, in-between, not-so-perfect moments. Your connection, your laughter, your love. I will always try to get some posed shots, but honestly, who made the rule that everybody has to be “looking and smiling at the camera?” My favorite shots are always the unexpected, in-between moments.
  3. Leave the rest up to me! My job is to find the best location, capture the moments, and guide you. My sessions are not an hours worth posing and “smile-for-the-camera”! It will feel more casual so don’t be afraid to just play and be yourselves.

Things to do in the Eastern Sierra in the Fall

  1. Go camping! Rock Creek has some of the best family friendly camping
  2. Drive to the scenic overlooks like Hot Creek Geological Site, Convict Lake, and June Lake Loop
  3. Visit the Alabama Hills to see the rock formations and