Eureka Sand Dunes Engagement Photos

April 9, 2022

The Eureka Sand Dunes are one of my favorite shooting locations for engagement photos. My sister and her boyfriend came to visit and we explored all over the Eastern Sierra. We decided to do a styled photo session in the dunes, and they were such great models!

The Eureka Sand Dunes are located on the edge of Death Valley, right outside the National Park. It’s very convenient that you don’t have to enter the park or pay any fees. Kara and Rylin were stoked on the whole experience.

Directions and Logistics

Be prepared for a LONG 20-mile drive along a VERY washboarded dirt road. Depending on your car, you’ll need to drive slowly. A 4-wheel drive car, especially some kind of truck, is ideal! I have done it in a camper van and it was very bumpy! However, if you’re willing to drive slow, camping in your van out there would be so idyllic!

Best season for Engagement Photos in the Eureka Sand Dunes

This a winter only location! These images were taken in February and trust me, we were sweating! You can expect all kinds of weather out there, wind, heat, or cold. You’ll want to be prepared for anything in terms of food, water, and layers.

Camping and Activities near the Eureka Sand Dunes

Camping is free, and there are designated sites with fire rings, and a pit toilet. I strongly advise using the provided spaces to protect the land and follow Leave No Trace Principles!

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