Sunrise Engagement Session – Alabama Hills

November 1, 2022

The Alabama Hills are one of the most iconic spots in the eastern Sierra. Many movies have been filmed there, including Tremors, Gladiator, and some scenes from the cult-classic show Firefly. The endless granite formations sitting at the foothill of Mt. Whitney is likely what makes this place SUCH a destination. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the Alabama Hills, and it’s the perfect location for your sunrise engagement session.

Season and Time of Day for best light

You can enjoy the Alabama Hills year round. Expect it to be quite hot in the summer, and quite cold in the winter, so shoulder seasons are ideal.

Like any location, the best light is around sunrise or sunset. I prefer sunrise because as the sun rises in the east, it casts an epic alpine glow on Mount Whitney and the entire Sierra skyline. In the evening, the sun sets behind the Sierra, which means a more golden glow and no pink alpine glow. Both are magical!

Sunrise will be the best time of day to avoid crowds, which is more and more of an issue these days.

What to Wear for your Sunrise Engagement Session

I always recommend wearing something that makes you feel good! (“Look good, Feel good,” as they say.) If you want to stand out against the backdrop, wearing red (like shown in this photo session) is the best color.

Where to Stay near the Alabama Hills

Lone Pine is the nearest town and you can book lodging there. You can also camp right in the Alabama Hills! You now need a permit to do so. Read more here.

Click to see a full elopement at the Alabama Hills

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Engaged couple holding puppy in the Alabama Hills
Engaged couple wearing a red dress in the Alabama Hills
Engaged couple dancing at sunrise in the Alabama Hills
Engaged couple dancing at sunrise in the Alabama Hills